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Thumbspike Saison 2.2

The Lake Arrowhead Brew Festival is around the corner, and I’ve promised to bring some beers for my club’s booth. A nice saison seems in order–it’s the same recipe I brought last year, with only a minor change for the … Continue reading

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Kegging Updates: Raspberry Belgian, Thumbspike Saison 2.1

Two brews kegged for the Lake Arrowhead Brewfest (and personal enjoyment). I’m giving keg priming a try here! Continue reading

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Thumbspike Saison 2.1

The Lake Arrowhead Brewfest is coming up in August, and I’ll be there with the Horse Thief Brewing Association to serve up some tasty homebrews! I’ve promised two beers–one is the second iteration of my raspberry Belgian, and the other … Continue reading

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Beer Tasting: Thumbspike Saison 2.0

I managed to do a tasting with the very last glass of this! Talk about good timing. Appearance Thick white head, with excellent persistence. The beer itself is medium gold, with a slight haze. Aroma Tart aroma, with a hint … Continue reading

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Big Batch Update: Saison, Amber Ale, Pilsner

There’s lots to report with kegging and fermentation for a few recent batches. So, here’s what’s new: Thumbspike Saison 2.0 This might have had the quickest turn-around on any kegged beer I’ve ever done! I brewed the beer on 12 … Continue reading

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