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Beer Tasting: Hell Creek Amber Ale

My Hell Creek Amber Ale–a first attempt at incorporating wild hops into a recipe–just kicked. Thankfully, I got a tasting in before the keg was totally drained. The Basics Original gravity = 1.060; final gravity = 1.014; abv = 6.1%; … Continue reading

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Hell Creek Amber Ale

Gimmick beers can be a fun way to liven up familiar styles, especially when there is a good pun involved. A friend recently located some wild (or more likely, feral) hops growing on an old homestead in eastern Montana. This … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Amber Ale Kegged

After 12 days in the primary, tonight I kegged my Spring Cleaning Amber Ale. The beer dropped quite clear in the carboy, and comes across as a fairly classic amber ale in color, flavor, and aroma. Amber ales often aren’t terribly … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Amber Ale

Amber ales have gotten a bit of short shrift in my homebrewing world lately. They’re fairly easy to craft well, and rank among the classic (and stereotypical) “brewpub” styles. I brewed them relatively frequently when I started out in homebrewing, and as … Continue reading

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