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Equipment Review: Mash Paddle by Abbey Cat Brewing

My wife got me a mash paddle for Christmas! I had a nice plastic brewing spoon already, and awhile back I had also purchased a plastic mash paddle. The spoon is great, but the plastic mash paddle was fairly worthless. … Continue reading

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Recirculating Draft Line Cleaner: Pin Lock Edition

Most of us who own kegging setups probably don’t clean our draft lines as often as we should (if ever). For me, the big deterrent has been that the procedures require either 1) wasting a bunch of CO2 to push cleaning solution … Continue reading

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2015’s Homebrew Highlights

My beer of the year, Citra Blonde Ale Looking back, 2015 was a banner year for my brewing. Speaking immodestly, I produced some excellent beers. Just as importantly, if not more so, I really stretched myself in terms of new … Continue reading

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Packrat Porter

Yeast sludge settling out I’m always interested in expanding my skills and homemade brewing equipment, and it seemed like an opportune time to take a big step forward. I’ve been curious about washing and reusing yeast for some time, but … Continue reading

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DIY Stir Plate

Stir plate in action As I continue to expand my home microbiology lab, a stir plate seemed like a logical addition. Good laboratory grade ones are reliable, but expensive ($75 on up). Cheap kits and cheaply made stir plates are … Continue reading

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