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2020’s Homebrew Highlights

2020 was…2020. With everything that happened, from the pandemic to presidential shenanigans, this was one of the odder brewing stretches I’ve had. My homebrewing hobby was a bit of a respite from 2020, giving me a chance to disconnect and … Continue reading

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2019’s Homebrew Highlights

2019 marked my eleventh year brewing out in California, and I feel like I’m squarely in the comfort zone of homebrewing. Yet, I didn’t let myself get too comfortable, either. This was a year to push myself with more lager … Continue reading

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2017’s Homebrew Highlights

2017 was a fun and productive year for my brewing. Here’s are some of the highlights: Favorite Batch Dunkel-Osteus My first Munich dunkel brought together several techniques I had been practicing–water adjustments, late addition of dark grains, and lagering. It … Continue reading

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Confidence and Competence in Brewing

“Relax. Don’t Worry. Have a Homebrew.” What a lifesaver that phrase was in my early days of brewing! Getting started in this hobby can be a nerve-wracking business. First are all of the (rightfully) important warnings about sanitation and proper … Continue reading

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Are homebrew experiments scientific?

As a professional scientist, I absolutely love any opportunity to meld the art and science of homebrewing. The intersection of chemistry and biology with the senses of taste, smell, touch, and sight creates endless hours of enjoyment. Even more so, … Continue reading

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