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What’s Brewing? January 2021 Edition

The past month has seen some pretty steady brewing, as I push forward with recipes both new and familiar. So, here is a quick update in the waning days of January… Beer Batch Updates I brewed a Belgian IPA, intended … Continue reading

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Follow-Up: 2020’s Brew Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of the past few years, I’ve set annual brewing goals. Now that we’re almost to the end of 2020, it seems like a good time to review my resolutions and see how it all went. Patience. Recognizing … Continue reading

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Brew Year’s Resolutions 2020

I missed doing this last year, but might as well try again for 2020. Patience. I often bring my lagers on-line before they are as conditioned as well as they could be. That means that the keg is okay when … Continue reading

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Brew Year’s Resolutions 2018

It’s a new year! Having reflected on the past year of brewing as well as how I hit my resolutions for the previous year, I’m ready to set out some goals for 2018. Pitch a new article for a homebrew … Continue reading

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Confidence and Competence in Brewing

“Relax. Don’t Worry. Have a Homebrew.” What a lifesaver that phrase was in my early days of brewing! Getting started in this hobby can be a nerve-wracking business. First are all of the (rightfully) important warnings about sanitation and proper … Continue reading

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