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Pliny the Elder Clone

Pliny the Elder is probably one of the most highly regarded and sought-after beers in the US, but I think I’ve only had it once. I remember it being pretty good, but not mind-blowing…but then again, that was awhile ago. … Continue reading

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Alta California Lager 2021

One of the best beers I have ever made was the 2019 edition of Alta California Lager, a Mexican-style light lager. Although I can buy excellent commercial examples easily enough at the grocery store, it is a fun challenge to … Continue reading

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Dance Party IPA

This one was a total experiment for me! Experimental hops, experimental yeast, and experimental fermentation. My local homebrew shop had a new variety called Samba, with tropical characters that sounded pretty neat! So, I picked up a few ounces for … Continue reading

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What’s Brewing? April 2021 Edition

April brewing updates! At the last possible minute! Beer Batch Updates My “Dance Party IPA” has been kegged, consumed, and kicked! It was a kveik-based tropical-type IPA. I brewed an experimental light ale on 16 April, called “Easy Days Ale.” … Continue reading

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Twisted Schwarzbier

I have brewed schwarzbier once before, and it came out pretty good. I wanted to revisit the style as a warmer-weather dark beer, and so picked out a second recipe from Brewing Classic Styles. This version differed from the last … Continue reading

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