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Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Clone Bottled

After 12 days in the secondary fermenter, I bottled the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Clone on Friday, September 26. The yeast had settled out the rest of the way quite nicely, with a thin and compacted cake at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Beer Update: Vaalbara Session IPA & Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Clone

Today was a bit of “housekeeping” with my two latest brews–one batch to bottle, one batch to transfer to the secondary fermenter. Vaalbara Session IPAAfter two weeks of dry-hopping, I was ready to bottle this batch. The final gravity was … Continue reading

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Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Clone

The past year has seen some major changes in my brew practices, most prominently in the transition from extract to all-grain. It has been fun to stretch my abilities and add new techniques to my toolkit, although not without its … Continue reading

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