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Beer Update: Vaalbara Session IPA & Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Clone

Today was a bit of “housekeeping” with my two latest brews–one batch to bottle, one batch to transfer to the secondary fermenter. Vaalbara Session IPAAfter two weeks of dry-hopping, I was ready to bottle this batch. The final gravity was … Continue reading

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Beer Update: Gondwana Pale Ale 1.1, Vaalbara Session IPA

Last night (August 29), I bottled up the Gondwana Pale Ale 1.1 and transferred the Vaalbara Session IPA over to the secondary. Details are below. Gondwana Pale Ale 1.1 This beer had been dry hopping for 12 days. It had … Continue reading

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Vaalbara Session IPA

Continuing my series of pale ales and IPAs named after supercontinents, we are now on to Vaalbara Session IPA. Vaalbara is the theorized “first” supercontinent. It’s an appropriate name, because in many ways I’m back to my brewing roots–relatively simple … Continue reading

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