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Centennial IPA

I’ve gotten bored with tropical fruity, citrusy, guava bomb IPAs; they’re fairly easy to nail at least half-way well, but come across as a bit one-note after awhile. I don’t have a huge interest in the hazy IPA trend, either–they’re … Continue reading

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Beer Tasting: Centennial IPA

My Centennial IPA has been in the keg and cold conditioning/dry-hopping for nearly a month. Because I’m taking off soon for a few weeks, and because IPA’s are best fresh, now is as good of a time as any to … Continue reading

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Centennial IPA Kegged

Last night (15 June 2016), I kegged the Centennial IPA. It had fermented down to 1.010 from 1.063, working out as 7.0% abv. Just over 4.5 gallons went into the keg, at which point I added 2 oz. of dry … Continue reading

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Centennial IPA

In preparation for my rather sporadic brewing during the summer months, I’m laying in a store of (filled) kegs for future tapping. Pannotia White IPA is going online shortly, so it seems a good idea to have another IPA waiting in the wings. … Continue reading

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