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Rainy Day IPA 1.2 bottled

After nearly three weeks of dry hopping in the secondary fermenter, it was time to bottle my Rainy Day IPA (version 1.2). So, yesterday I added 3/4 cup of priming sugar (boiled in 2 cups of water) and did the … Continue reading

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Rainy Day IPA Update

We just finished transferring the Rainy Day IPA over to its secondary fermenter. S.G. is 1.014, which from a starting point of 1.056 equals around 5 percent alcohol (as predicted). The beer is a beautiful amber color, with a nice … Continue reading

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Rainy Day IPA

As we head into the second week of March, the California brewing season is drawing to a close. In order to stock the shelves for next seven or eight months, it’s time to put together that final batch. Given the … Continue reading

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