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Olde Persica Porter 1.1

My homebrew club is serving at an upcoming regional festival, and I volunteered to provide a keg of beer. In order to highlight the stuff our group of brewers is doing, I figured something outside of the ordinary (i.e., a … Continue reading

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Beer Tasting: Olde Persica Porter

Sometimes you make a beer that just nails it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does…wow! Olde Persica Porter is one of those beers. The Basics Original gravity = 1.060, final gravity = 1.016, abv = 5.8%, estimated IBU … Continue reading

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Update: Olde Persica Porter

My smoked porter has been in the primary fermenter for 13 days, coasting along at around 66°. So, I kegged it tonight. Final gravity was 1.016, down from 1.060, for 5.8% abv. The aroma and flavor are pretty darned delicious! … Continue reading

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Olde Persica Porter

I’m getting that itch again, to brew with new styles and new ingredients. With winter on the horizon, I want to stock up on some beers that will serve well on a chilly night next to the fire. I also recently realized … Continue reading

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