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First Taste of KPA

Over the past week or two, I’ve been (impatiently) cracking open a bottle or two of the Kamikaze Pale Ale. I don’t think it has fully carbonated yet – after two weeks, it has a nice fizz, but not quite … Continue reading

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KPA Bottled

This evening, I bottled up the KPA. I siphoned it out of the carboy (everything had settled out nicely – there was relatively little sediment, and the beer looked very clear). For primer, I boiled 3/4 cup of corn sugar … Continue reading

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KPA Update

I just transferred the KPA to my secondary fermenter, to settle out a bit while I’m away for Christmas. Things looked A-OK in the primary, and the beer has a final gravity of 1.011. With my starting gravity of 1.041, … Continue reading

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KPA Bubbling Away

I just checked on the KPA I started yesterday. . .it’s brewing fine (as viewed from the outside of the bucket – there’s lots of krauesen that I can see when I shine a light through), but no bubbles are … Continue reading

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Kamikaze Pale Ale

This is the first time I’ve ever stepped free of the confines of a brewing kit, so I’ve called this recipe “Kamikaze Pale Ale,” or KPA for short. I started with the American pale ale in Charlie Papazian’s Complete Joy … Continue reading

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