KPA Bottled

This evening, I bottled up the KPA. I siphoned it out of the carboy (everything had settled out nicely – there was relatively little sediment, and the beer looked very clear). For primer, I boiled 3/4 cup of corn sugar in 2 cups water, cooled the mix, and stirred it in to the beer. I got 37 12-ounce bottles and 4 16-ounce bottles, for a grand total of 41 bottles. Accounting for the pint bottles, this is a slightly higher bottle count than the last batch (which gave me 41 12-ounce bottles).

The beer has a nice amber color, and tastes pretty good so far (if one can trust flat beer). It’s a little darker than I was expecting, so maybe next time I’ll use only dry malt extract (which I’ve read can give a slightly lighter color). Now to wait for carbonation. . .

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