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Speaking at Nerd Nite Los Angeles, Thursday!

I’ll be talking about “The Dinosaur in My Beer” for Nerd Nite Los Angeles this Thursday! The event is hosted at Busby’s East, 5364 Wilshire Ave., from 7 pm to 10 pm, with the action starting at 7:45 pm. Two … Continue reading

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The Dinosaur in My Beer: March 8 at Claremont Craft Ales

Beer and science are a natural fit…even more so than beer and pretzels, in my opinion. As a homebrewer, I absolutely love geeking out over the scientific facets of the hobby. The usual history of beer starts a few thousand years … Continue reading

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I love brewing new styles, and I also love a bad beer pun. The unholy marriage between the two: Dunkel-Osteus! For this batch, I’m making a Munich dunkel. It’s a reasonably dark, malt-forward lager, in a style that I’ve not … Continue reading

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