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Claremont IPA, The Final Verdict

The Claremont India Pale Ale, after bottle conditioning for a few weeks Tonight I tried a bottle or two of the Claremont IPA that I bottled a few weeks ago. It has conditioned nicely, with a good malty flavor and … Continue reading

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Claremont IPA, The (Semi-)Final Verdict

I’ve been falling down on the job with updating on the Claremont IPA. After one week, we transferred it over to the secondary fermenter, and added an ounce of whole, dry Sterling hops (weighted with some marbles in the hops … Continue reading

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Claremont IPA

At long last, it’s here. . .the first brewing session of the season! I’m happy to be brewing with Dr. Brian, who lives just up the street and has been wanting to get back into the home brew thing. We’re … Continue reading

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