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Citation Porter Bottled

After one month in the secondary fermenter, I bottled my Citation Porter on January 5. Final gravity was 1.014; with a starting gravity of 1.054, this calculates out to 5.3% abv. I primed the beer with 1/2 cup corn sugar … Continue reading

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Citation Porter Update

Tonight I transferred the Citation Porter over to the secondary fermenter, in which I will leave it for about 9-10 days before bottling (it was in the primary for 9 days). At 66°, it had an s.g. of 1.014; this … Continue reading

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Citation Porter

It’s time for the 2013-2014 brewing season! My last few batches of the 2012-2013 tended on the lighter side (English-style bitters, wheat beers, etc.), so I have a hankering to do some porters and stouts. I rather like the Edmund … Continue reading

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