2022’s Homebrew Highlights

The year of 2022 was a bit slower in terms of brewing than some years (22 batches versus 31 last year), because things were just plain hectic. The start of 2023 was even more hectic, hence the fact that it is February before I posted the review for 2022. Even so, I got in some nice brews last year. Here is a recap!

  • Favorite Batch
  • Least Favorite Batch
    • 2022 Orange Summer Wheat Ale. So much went wrong with this batch, and by the time I sampled it from the keg, it was pretty dismal. This was a failure of equipment and technique, not recipe.
  • Experimental Recipe with Most Potential
  • Amber Rye Ale. I had a ton of fun creating this recipe, and it turned out amazing, too! I’m definitely brewing it again.
  • Most Fun New Style/Recipe to Try
  • Big Surprise Belgian Pale Ale. I didn’t expect this one to turn out as well as it did.
  • Upcoming Beer With Most Potential
  • I brewed a schwarzbier at the end of December, and I’m hopeful for it.
  • Best Technique Added to Repertoire
  • Last year was a bit boring; I didn’t really add any new techniques. I suppose that’s OK; stick with what works!
  • Best Ingredient Added to Repertoire
  • Although I started with it in 2021, Diamond Lager yeast became my go-to for lagers in 2022. It’s such a great dry yeast — head and shoulders above dry versions of 34/70, which leave a bit of a tartness I don’t care for. It’s a staple of my brewing supplies now.
  • Favorite Book(s)
  • I didn’t have any new acquisitions that blew me away this year. The Dark Lagers book I received for Christmas 2021 has continued to be enjoyable, and The Fermentation Kitchen is excellent for brewing-adjacent projects. I did get the new Book of Hops — it’s very pretty and full of interesting tidbits, but is probably better suited for those earlier in their brewing journey, or general beer enthusiasts versus more advanced homebrewers.
  • Other Milestones
    • I made beer vinegar for the first time this year, and it was a fun (and tasty) effort. There will be more of this (and other fermentables) in 2023!
  • Overall Stats
    • I brewed 22 batches of beer in 2022, around 120 gallons.
    • IPAs were the major beer of 2022, with 5 batches out of 22. As a category, lagers were 6 out of the 22 batches. This isn’t too different from 2021.

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