Up Next. . .the All-American Porter

Tomorrow, I’m thinking about brewing up a porter–on a whim, I’ve named it the “All-American Porter” (in honor of the new president, the upcoming President’s Day holiday, and the fact that I’m going to ignore the British hops in favor of the American ones in my freezer).

Here’s what I’m looking at for a preliminary ingredients list. . .it will likely be updated a bit as I shop around at the local home brew shop:

1/2 pound caramel malt (for steeping; I’ve got some on hand, and need to use it up)
1/2 pound cara-pils malt (for steeping; again, I’ve got some on hand already)
1/2 pound chocolate malt (I’ll have to pick some of this up at the store)
6.6 pounds Briess liquid malt (I’m thinking about 3.3 pounds Golden Light plus 3.3 pounds Sparkling Amber; I’ll see what the local brew store has on hand)
2 oz. Cascade hops (bittering)
1 oz. Saaz (aroma)
The usual Nottingham ale yeast