What’s Brewing? December 2021 Edition

As we head into the end of the year, I find that I’m having to pace my brewing a bit. I want to brew more frequently, but either don’t have time or (more pragmatically) have a bunch of beer on-hand already. In any case, I’m planning out the brewing schedule for the next few weeks, and have some fun stuff “on tap.” My current tap selection is pretty darned good, which makes for enjoyable sampling.

Beer Batch Updates

  • Eagle Face Oatmeal Stout is now kegged, and conditioning. I’ve noted that this recipe tends to attenuate fairly poorly (finishing north of 1.020), which is actually a good thing in terms of body and lower alcohol.
  • I kegged the amber kellerbier / zwickel, and it is now carbonating. The plan is to have it on-tap very soon, so that it can be available for pairing with our traditional pretzel night during the holidays.
  • I brewed a dark mild last weekend, and it is now fermenting. In a bit of experimental laziness, I transferred the beer directly onto the yeast cake from the oatmeal stout. In part, I wanted to try this technique. But mostly I just didn’t want to clean the fermenter. As a side effect, I saved a few bucks (unless the beer is bad, in which case I didn’t save anything).
  • My newer German pils is lagering, and I plan to keg it soon.

What’s On Tap?

  • I’m on the home stretch for the kegs of Farke’s Best Pils and Humboldt’s Lesser Hefeweizen. Once those are done, I can rotate in the kellerbier!
  • I just put the American IPA on-tap (made with 2021 hops), and it is drinking beautifully.

What’s Coming Up?

  • I plan to brew a pale ale with a few more of the hops from the HOPBOX, specifically Strata and El Dorado.
  • I’m also going to run a clone recipe of Pliny the Elder again, this time with slight modification. Kits were on sale at MoreBeer, so I picked one up just to give it a try.
  • I am thinking about another pilsner soon, once I evaluate the most recent German pils.
  • A Scottish 70/- heavy is on my list, so I can have another lower alcohol beer on hand.