What’s Brewing? September 2021

After the summer brewing hiatus, I’ve been able to brew regularly lately. That is a good thing, because I’ll have another few weekends without brewing due to work obligations. Gotta build up the supply!

Beer Batch Updates

  • I brewed an American porter (Turtle Toes Porter) on September 11, roughly in the realm of Deschute’s Black Butte Porter. It has had a week of fermentation at 66°, and is now out at ambient to finish up.
  • I also brewed an American pale ale (Cascade Pale Ale II) on September 4, to celebrate the arrival of a bunch of this year’s Cascade hops from my dad. It’s a little more rich on the malt bill than many American pale ales, in that it has Maris Otter as the base, with a bit of Munich and crystal 40 to round things out. I kegged the beer the other day, and it’s currently carbonating.
  • Yesterday, I brewed a German pils (“Farke’s Best Pils”) using German-type hops that my dad grew, including Sterling, Hallertauer, and Saaz.

What’s On Tap?

  • Mow the Damn Lawn, Farke,” is the light offering on tap, and I’m drinking through it fairly steadily. It’s a decent beer, but not really my favorite at the moment.
  • Raspberry Belgian 2021 is another light offering, and is delicious as usual. It’s surprisingly clear now, because I used the floating dip tube.
  • Byzantium IPA is my final brew on-tap, and it’s nearly gone. I’m quite enjoying it.

What’s Coming Up?

  • It’s perhaps a little later than planned, but I am definitely doing a hefeweizen next weekend. It will be a slightly modified rebrew of Humboldt’s Hefeweizen, which turned out so well last time!
  • In a few week’s, I will brew a clone of Ill-Tempered Gnome, a winter seasonal beer from Oakshire Brewing. It’s a curious winter seasonal, in that it doesn’t have any spices added–which was a selling point for me! I plan to brew it in early October, so that it has a month or two to condition before the holidays.

Other Notes

  • I made another batch of spicy brown mustard this weekend, because the last batch turned out so well. So well that it’s long gone! I more-or-less use a recipe from The Spruce Eats, except I only use whole brown mustard instead of whole yellow mustard.

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  1. Just a quick note from another brewing Andy to say keep the good stuff coming! I’m looking forward to reading about your Ill-Tempered Gnome clone and I plan to brew your Dunkel-osteus in an upcoming batch of my own.

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