Alt-Alt Ale Kegged

On Wednesday, January 6, I kegged the Alt-Alt Ale. It had been fermenting for 11 days, and was down to a final gravity of 1.008. This equates to 5.8% abv. In tasting, I definitely pick up the honey malt. The yeast leavings were pretty remarkable–this had a high, hard, and foamy krausen, which ringed the fermenter more than just about any other yeast I’ve seen. This was fairly bizarre for WLP001, so I think it is a good decision to end my particular culture there, and reculture the yeast for next time I use it. The beer is now carbonating under high pressure, and will condition until the next keg in my keezer is kicked.

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2 Responses to Alt-Alt Ale Kegged

  1. Steve says:

    Need help kicking a keg?


  2. Andy says:

    Impatient you are! But the answer to your question is: always!


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