What’s Brewing? July / August 2021 Edition

These summer months have been busy with travel, which means not a lot of brewing (or homebrew sampling) has happened. Towards the end of August, I’m just starting to dip my toes back into the waters.

Beer Batch Updates

  • I brewed, kegged, and am now conditioning the 2021 edition of “Mow the Damn Lawn,” a light (?lite) American lager.
  • Two weekends ago, I made a new batch of my Raspberry Belgian, with a kettle sour, boil, and then fermentation. It should be ready to keg in a few days.
  • I’m doing a third brew of my Orange Summer Wheat Ale, for a homebrew club event. It’s a great recipe, and is easy (and popular) enough that I’ve made a few batches of it this year. I brewed the beer last weekend, and now it’s fermenting away. In a week or so, I’ll keg it and add the orange zest tincture.
  • Last weekend, I brewed a Voss kviek-based American IPA, to see if I can get a bit better beer with some different hops. The last IPA I made with Voss was meh, and so I figured a new version is worth a try.

What’s On Tap?

  • I’ve blown through my Schell’s Pilsner Clone as well as my Pannotia White IPA, and need to write those up for this blog!
  • The second brew (this year) of my orange wheat ale is on tap. What a drinkable, tasty summer beer! I made this version with the dry K-97 yeast (instead of a liquid American wheat yeast), and it’s pretty great. I think I found a great yeast alternative!
  • Dunkel-Osteus 2021 is also on tap right now; it’s pretty good, although is maybe a touch past its very prime now.

What’s Coming Up?

  • I plan to do a hefeweizen in a week or so, just because it’s an enjoyable style while the weather is still warm.

Other Notes

  • I’ve got another batch of sauerkraut going, because the last batch (packaged back in June) is about 3/4 gone.