Experimental Golden Ale Update

I just transferred the EGA over to the secondary fermenter. The transfer happened a little later than normal (12 days, rather than the 7 days I usually aim for) on account of travel and other stuff going on during the past week.

I had hoped to measure the s.g., but my little plastic sampling tube (in which the hydrometer floats) broke. So, it will have to wait until bottling time.

As always (at least in my biased opinion), this looks like it’s going to be a pretty good batch. The color is nice and light (as I had aimed for), and the brew is tasting OK so far. I now understand why Windsor ale yeast is considered to be of lower flocculation than Nottingham. . .there was far less sediment in the bottom of the primary than I’m usually used to! So, it will probably sit for at least three weeks before getting bottled.

A sample glass of the Experimental Golden Ale